Sexally Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted Diseases STDs
What is STD?
I may not write much on STD, as we as I have previously written some definitions about STDs on many of the STDs articles I have written. But the aim of this simple article is to give you a more elaborate knowledge on STDs.

 I got a comment in my e mail, talking on STD, from one of my esteemed readers, Knoji, which I would love to share:
’STD or sexually transmitted disease is one of the most common diseases that affects millions of people in different parts of this world. This is because many individuals are too careless about the possible effects of unsafe intercourse and some could even acquire some severe STD like HIV and AIDs. It is always important for us to be responsible enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle and STD free body.
There are also STD test services that we can try online for us to be aware about our present condition before a simple STD could become severe ‘’.

This alone is informative about STD, and thank you Knoji for the comment.

According to the comment above, if an STD is not treated promptly, it could lead to serious complications and other serious disease. Example is, if gonorrhea is not treated well in women, it can lead to a condition known as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and can in turn lead to infertility in women.
Hepatitis infection, can lead to liver failure, if it is not attended to properly.
Some STDs like gonorrhea can lead to bladder infection which in turn will lead to Urinary tract infection and if care is not taken, and can cause kidney failure.
HIV infections which ultimately leads to AIDS is a very uncomfortable disease as it destroys all your immune system and gives room for opportunistic infections like typhoid, cancer, Urinary tract infection, kidney disease, hepatitis, sever chlamydia, skin disease, Tuberculosis etc.
Some STDs which were treatable are becoming drug resistant and having to develop medicines that can fight such STDs will take another 15 years. See how STDs are serious?
Stressing the importance of protection, abstinence and being faithful or in a monogamous relationship can go a long way in reducing or checking the rise of STD infections every year.
STDs statistic according to study by WHO (World Health Organization): there are over 340 million cases of reported STDs worldwide.

Simple ways to Prevent STDs:
  • -          Do not share any form of sharp objects with anyone, else sterilize it
  • -          Use condoms, especially if you are the type with multiple partners. Condom do not guarantee 100 per cent protection, but it is still the best against STDs
  • -          Abstain
  • -          Be faithful to your partner
  • -          Do not stay in overcrowded environment
  • -          There are some STDs that are transferable through open skin sores, so be careful
Symptoms of STDs
STDs are all asymptomatic, meaning, no symptoms until the disease has started to damage the cells in the body. Most symptoms seen are particular to the type of STD infection. Best is to go for diagnoses and your doctor would either determine the kind of STD that you have. However, you may read on the following STDs and their symptoms which are listed below.
The following are common STDs, their symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and natural ways to cure and suppress them. Each of this STDs has articles written on them, so, I would suggest you click on any of them to link you to their full articles. More contributions are gladly welcomed in the comment box.
i.                     Human Papilloma Virus(HPV)
ii.                   Hepatitis
a.       Hepatitis A
b.      Hepatitis B
c.       Hepatitis  C
d.      Hepatitis D
iii.                  Herpes virus, Genital Herpes
iv.                 Chlamydia
v.                   Gonorrhea
vi.                 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and AIDS
vii.                Syphilis
viii.              Staphylococcus

In conclusion, STDs are easily preventable, and at the same time highly infectious. The best is to prevent an STD infection, and if you have one, then, you should follow your doctor’s advice and never skip drugs. Other alternative natural herbal medicines are discussed in some of the previously written types of STDs. But in all, prevention is better than cure.
Stay healthy, well and beautiful!!!
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