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Impotence is a condition by which a man is not able to have an erecting at all. This is quite different from erectile dysfunction. In the case of an erectile dysfunction, a man may have erection but cannot last or hard enough to penetrate a woman for sexual intercourse. A case of quick ejaculation is also a form of ED
In impotence, it is a complete dumbness of the male organ. Although, a man might feel arouse, and have normal chemistry, but yet, cannot have an erection. 

A man that cannot have an erection will not be able to satisfy his spouse, father a child through penetrative sex or neither have orgasms or sexually satisfying himself. 

Being impotent is not an easy thing for a man, because the private part of a man is what makes a man.
However, if a person is not born impotent, there are some things that can lead to impotence. These are things that happen to us at one point or another in our lives, but can also affect our sexual life if we allow it to take control of us.  

Things that can trigger impotence or impotence causes:

Anxiety: anxiety is a condition that is associated with the brain. In every aspect of our lives, we get anxious about one thing or the other, which are normal. But when anxiety is getting out of control and requiring medical help that is when it is not bad. For a man to achieve a proper erection he must be in a very stable condition, else, this can affect the man’s performance. However, in a case of a person who for one reason or the other is having sex and anxious about it, such person may have erectile dysfunction. And if care is not taken, it could lead to impotence. Yes, if you do not deal with your anxiety and learn to calm yourself down, you may eventually go impotent.

Depression: depression can trigger impotence through erectile dysfunction. If you notice, a depressed person loses interest in everything including sex. And when your brain has learnt not to send the proper signals that depression has hindered to the man penis, such can cause impotence. So what do you do if you are depressed? Get yourself some exercise, mix up with friends that are positive minded, engage yourself in social activities to make you happy and above all find the cause of the depression accept it or deal with it. Read more on DEPRESSION

Erectile dysfunction: like I said earlier, erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to gain a good or lasting erection to penetrate a woman. I could remember my first time of having sex with a woman; I could remember I was anxious and yet want to feel the experience of sex. As soon as the lady said yes, I was initially erect, and suddenly, my penis came down. I think I was 18 years old then. Afterwards, I could not but gain a proper erection again. I love sweet things(juice, chocolates etc), lots of fried things and I don’t like exercise. I went to my doctor, and he advised me to stay away from sugar, exercise and I should just try and relax my mind. He told me if I don’t, I could go impotent. When I heard that, I went for every exercise, ate lots of bitter things and stayed away from surgery or oily foods. When you are seeing that you are no longer having lasting or stable erection, then you must start to do something about yourself. See more on Erectile Dysfunction

Alcohol and drug use: Honestly, I still don’t see the reason why people still take lots of alcohol. The first time I found out that a bottle of small stout has more sugar that a Pepsi, I ran away from it. The fact of the matter is, your sexual organ has a lot to do with your heart, and the truth is, the more alcohol and drug you take, the higher your chances of destroying your heart. I watch a show on CSBCA and where a man was interviewing Piers Morgan. Morgan said that, every 3 bottles of Guinness small stout taken in draws you nearer to having heart disease. 

Some diseases and conditions: diseases like diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer. Diabetes: is a condition where your blood sugar level increases. Too much sugar in the blood = diabetes = Erectile Dysfunction, not properly treated=Impotence. Prostate cancer, the prostate gland is a gland that assists erection, ejaculation and sperm production. And when this is affected, you sure should know the male organ is affected. Best, prevent yourself from having these diseases. Other diseases are stroke, hypertension.

Age: The more we grow older, the more we lose strength in having a proper erection. Best is exercise, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, live a healthy life style and keep a positive mind.

Above all this, impotence is when there is no blood supply from the heart to the penis. If you are born normal and you now become impotent later in your life, you have the chance of reversing it if you eat lots of fruits, exercise and much more I shall discuss. But if otherwise, you were born with it, you need to see a specialist today.

Simple ways to prevent impotence:
  • Exercise frequently: exercise helps to keep the veins that carry blood to the penis open. A lot of free radicals or cholesterol might have blocked the veins and this would impair the blood being carried to the penis a lot. So exercise. When you exercise, you will begin to feel the difference.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Take lots of fruits high in vitamin c (orange) that was what my doctor told me then (though, mine was ED) but it will help. Vegetables are also good especially fruits that are anti-oxidant. Free radicals do more harm than good. Eat lot of these vegetables to remove all these free radicals away from your body
  • To also prevent impotence, take lots of aloe vera juice (the barbadensis milla specie) not any other species. Do not just take aloe vera, know the kind of specie using. There are over 200 species of aloe vera, some are poisonous and some have little benefit. Only one is 100 per cent complete and it is the aloe vera barbadensis. Click here to learn more about Aloe Vera and its wonders.
  • Be positive in your thoughts. If you want to have intercourse, have it within your mind that ‘I CAN’. You can say this to yourself as many times as possible. Even if you think your organ is failing, still continue saying it within you. Believe in yourself and be confident and see how your sexual performance will improve.
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In conclusion, most of the diseases and conditions are preventable if we keep a healthy life style. Eat well, sleep properly, and exercise frequently.
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  3. You have to seek professional help when its difficult to conceived or remain fertile. There are lots of factors that contribute to impotency. Lifestyle and genes are just few of them.

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