Chronic Kidney Disease | Aloe vera and Chronic Kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Aloe Vera and chronic kidney disease
The kidneys: these are a pair of a brownish bean like shaped organs that are delicate, complex and very important to normal body functioning. They lie just in the middle back which they are located on the either sides of the spine.

Basic Functions of the kidney:
  • -          Removal of toxic waste from the body which are passed out as urine
  • -          Production of some important hormones such as hormones that help in the regulation of calcium absorption and food phosphorus, hormones that helps the stimulation of bone marrows in the production of red blood cells, also another hormone which regulates the pressure of blood and blood volume.
  • -          Regulation of some vital minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium.
What is chronic kidney disease?
Chronic kidney disease can be understand to be the gradual loss of proper functioning of the kidney over time due to one thing or the other that will eventually lead to permanent kidney failure if proper care is not taken.
In the United States, young adults and above (20 years and above) are presently having kidney disease. These young adults and above, account for over 15 per cent but less than 18 per cent of the total population of USA. In the USA, 1 in 6 persons has kidney disease. Also in UK, 1 in 5 people have kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is much more common among the elderly (60 years and above), this may be associated with some diseases and conditions that plague the old age. Some diseases and conditions boost up the chances of having chronic kidney disease. Presently, over 490000 people are on dialysis.
Kidney disease can be diagnosed through Urine test, Blood test, X-rays, Ultrasound scan, and biopsy.

Stages of Chronic kidney disease in brief:
a.       Stage 1: over 2 % but less than 3.8 %. This is characterized by a minimal kidney damage and there is either an increase or decrease in toxic waste or unwanted material filtration from the body
b.      Stage 2: Account for over 3.8 % but less than 4.2%: characterized by more than minimal decrease in the function of the kidney
c.       Stage 3: accounts for over 6.9 to 7.6%: characterized by a moderate decrease in the functions of the kidney. Here there will be some noticeable symptoms
d.      Stage 4: accounts for 0.5%: it is characterized by a significantly severe decrease in the functions of the kidney.
e.      Stage 5: accounts for 0.5: this is when there is total kidney failure. Dialysis is the option pending the time for a kidney transplant.

Symptoms of chronic kidney disease:
Like cancer and some diseases like diabetes, symptoms may not occur until the diseases has reached there advanced stages. This is also common with chronic kidney disease because the disease will progress without the sufferer having any known symptoms until there is a chance for kidney failure. An example is a patient may not have frequent urination even if its disease is well advancing. But the following are common symptoms which are related to the coming of kidney failure or having chronic kidney disease.
I.                    The urge to urinate frequently which is more common at night and can wake you up from the sleep frequently. This may cause insomnia because frequent urination at night causing you not to sleep well. Lack of good sleep might eventually cause depression, headache, mood swing etc.
II.                  Excess free radicals in the body or excess toxic waste in the body.
III.                General body weakness and fatigue
IV.                Loss of appetite, ulcer and vomiting
V.                  Weight loss
VI.                Blood in urine
VII.              Pain in the middle back and also muscle spasm around the kidney area
VIII.            Swelling around the eye and legs. Larger than normal
IX.                You feel light-headedness
X.                  General body weakness
XI.                Joint pain which might go on very painful
XII.              Itching
XIII.            Difficulty getting awake when asleep
XIV.            Sever Bleeding and could manifest when also urinating.

Effects of chronic kidney disease:
I.                    Headaches, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome
II.                  Pale skin and itching
III.                Fatigue and weakness
IV.                Excess waste in the body that can no longer be processed out. They become poisons and causes other damages which can lead to tumour growths or cancer and some other disease like heart disease.
V.                  Inflammation of the heart
VI.                Blood will not cloth easily
VII.              Osteoporosis or bone fractures
VIII.            Erectile dysfunction

When is the right time to see your medical professional or doctor?
Seeing your doctor will help to diagnose what is really wrong with you and the damages the disease has done to your body and other parts. But when you see the above symptoms, then you should know that you must see your doctor immediately.

Risk factors of chronic kidney disease:
  • -          High blood pressure: high blood pressure makes the heart to work extra hard and could over time damage the blood vessels in the body and likewise the blood vessels located in the kidney. Best is to treat high blood pressure. See High blood pressure
  • -          People with diabetes have the higher risk of having the disease
  • -          Cancer disease such as cancer of the lungs, breast cancer can spread to other parts of the body like the kidney also
  • -          Use of some anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin for a long period of time can increase the chance of having the disease
  • -          Family histories do also increase the chance of having the disease.
  • -          Alcohol abuse will not only help to over work your kidney, but will also decrease your immune system, heart disease and gateway to so many other diseases
  • -          Some viral infection can highly increase the chance of having chroninc kidney disease
  • -          Lack of not eating healthy and keeping a well-balanced diet.

Simple ways to treat chronic kidney disease before it reaches kidney failure:

I can remember the time one of my aunts was diagnosed of chronic kidney disease, and the doctor told her to go through proper diets and eliminating some certain diets. This are the list of what the doctor said she should not eat and eat and I am so sure it apply to other people suffering from chronic kidney disease:
  • -          Reducing intake of protein per day.
  • -          Staying away from salt or little amount of salt to add tiny taste to it. Or if probably, stay away from salt completely.
  • -          Stay away from banana, oranges, nut and potatoes because these natural foods are high in potassium and the kidney being diseased cannot remove excess potassium in the body
  • -          Restriction from taking too much of water
  • -          Stay away or reduce drastically your intake of, cola drinks, and dietary products
  • -          If you are a smoker, stop it immediately
  • -          Stay away from uses of aspirin and ibuprofen or any drugs related to anti-inflammatory
  • -          Do you have ulcer? reduce some of its medication
  • -          Taking aloe vera
Please see your doctor or health care provider to give you medical information as regards medical treatments. Medical treatments helps to treat the triggers of chronic kidney disease, slow it advancement, kidney replacement in case of kidney failure, dialysis and treatment of complications.

Aloe Vera and Chronic Kidney Disease:
See your doctor before taking or ordering aloe vera juice to improve chronic kidney disease condition.
According to a study in the edition of ‘’Indian Journal Of experimental Biology,’’ aloe vera extract protected the kidneys of rats from significant degenerative effects associated with type 2 diabetes. These degenerative effects were diminished in the kidney tissue of diabetic animals given aloe vera leaf gel.
Also is the testimony of a 52 years old woman diagnosed of stage 3 chronic kidney disease and after the use of aloe vera juice, she started seeing some changes and better results. ''
Aloe vera is a powerful herbal plant. You have to consider the specie have before taking it. Some aloe vera specie causes liver failure, ulcer and help to boost some diseases, while only one out of all the aloe vera species is 100 per cent perfect and medicinal without no side effects. It is the Aloe Vera barbadensis milla specie. See all the benefits of aloe vera barbadensis milla specie in ‘’why you must use aloe vera from cradle to grave’’
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In conclusion, chronic kidney disease is preventable like most other diseases. Our body is just as delicate as our latest car we just bought, and even more than delicate than that. Some people on dialysis cannot drive their cars. What I am saying here is that most people still don’t take care of their body now a days not until the urgent need arises. Our body is like a car we must check the oils, gas and other parts to enjoy it very well. Take care of your body and stay well, healthy and beautiful.

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  1. Can I take aloe Vera even when I am in stage 5 of Ckd,

    1. Yes you can. But not just any type of aloe vera, but the barbadensis milla specie type of aloe vera because it is the only type that has little or no side effect on the body. However, taking aloe vera will help speed up healing and recovery, but will not help the failed kidney. When transplant is done, it can really help. But make sure you also seek your doctor's advice.

  2. I have a very minor problem with a leaking valve, and also
    the doctor wants to do a blood test tomorrow for this.
    However , I stupidly partied yesterday evening with alcohol and also vew vicodin pills.
    Will the screen that the doctor orders indicate any such "abuse"?
    Thank you..
    Also visit my page :: alcoholism test

    1. Sure it will. Kindly follow your doctor's advice and desist from alcohol. Thanks