Chlamydia | Chlamydia and the use of Bee Propolis supplement

Chlamydia and the use of bee propolis
What is chlamydia?
Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that is passed through sexual intercourse in both men and women. It is one of the most serious STDs and it is just as common as gonorrhoea. All over the world, there are over 90 million cases of new infections yearly and symptoms are not seen which is also common with most other STDs.  

In women, the percentage is higher than in men. Women are 53 per cent more infected than in men which take just 37 per cent of the cases of reported infections.

When chlamydia is left untreated over a time, it can lead to a serious disease in women known as Pelvic inflammatory disease; which can lead to infertility if care is not taken. In men, it can lead to a painful inflammation around the testicles called Epididymitis and can also lead to infertility in men.

Chlamydia is a very preventable disease and highly treatable for as long as you follow your doctor’s prescription and you do not skip the use of these drugs prescribed. If skipping of drugs is done by the patient, then, chlamydia can become resistant to the drugs, and if another drug is administered and skipping also take place, then it will become more resistant and curing the disease may become more difficult.

chlamydia infection is mainly caused by unprotected sexual intercourse or from mother to child.

Risk factors of chlamydia and how chlamydia is transmitted:
i.                     Multiple sexual partners:
ii.                   No use of condoms and protections
iii.                  Infected mother can infect her child

Symptoms of chlamydia
Chlamydia, like I said above is just as asymptomatic as other STDs infections, meaning, symptoms do not occurs immediately until over a period of time when the disease has started some damages and some associated symptoms will start to occur. But some of the symptoms which are most common with those who have or have had chlamydia are as follows:
                In women:
i.                     Vaginal discharge becomes frequent or more than normal
ii.                   There is the always an urgent need to urinate
iii.                  The woman experience pain when she is having a sexual or penetrative sex
iv.                 Feels pain just in the upper region of the bladder or between the belly button and the bladder
v.                   Menstrual cycle does not come at proper times in which case, such woman may experience menstrual flow 1 in every 3 months or more. Some women who used to experience their menstrual flow every 1-3 day of every other month will begin to notice that is doesn’t happen like that again.
In men:
i.                     Sperm like discharge from the penis which sometime has a foul smell and when you look at the under wear, it is stained and when the stain is dry, it shows a darker brownish colour. When it is a sperm stain, it only shows a lighter dark brownish colour.
ii.                   Feel of pain and burning sensation when urinating. This is mostly common after passing out the first urine and during the evening, the pain increases and the fear to urinate gain will grip the person because of the previous pain experienced
iii.                  Testicular inflammation
iv.                 Some men sometimes feel some tingling in their penis

How is chlamydia prevented?
i.                     Be faithful to your wife, spouse, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend or anybody you are having a sexual relationship with
ii.                   If you want to engage in a relationship that you think you love each other, each of you should go for test to ascertain if no one is infected.
iii.                  Use of protection and condoms
iv.                 Abstinence. I know a lot of people would not like to hear this, but it is also a sure way to prevent chlamydia and other STDs that are also likewise dangerous

How is chlamydia diagnosed?
Open discussion with the doctor to discuss possible symptoms being experienced and the doctor will take your urine for urinalysis. Urinalysis is to see the level of blood in urine, pulse in urine (bacteria create purse), level of ph., if protein is much in urine and above all to see if chlamydia bacteria is present in the urine.
Chlamydia is treatable as long as you follow the instructions given to you by your doctor and you do not skip your medicine. If you skip your medicine, you would have to start all over again, else, it may no longer be effective and such medicine may no longer work for the disease, unless you go for another course of medicine which may be more expensive.
Do not take any self-medication; it is important to see your doctor before any drug is used. Some anti-chlamydia drugs could be highly allergic and could interact with some drugs.

Bee propolis and chlamydia: treating chlamydia with bee propolis
A natural antibiotic for chlamydia
Note that, you must see your doctor first and if you are allergic to bee stings, do not use bee propolis.
Be propolis has been used for a long period of time because of its anti-bacteria properties and because it is higly effective in treating STDs and other bacterial infections.

Studies have found that, bee propolis found in the hive of bees has made the hive to be more sterile than the world most germ free hospital or place. Humans have been using it and worked wonders and doctors are also recommending it.

There are also some evidence to support that bee propolis can cure chlamydia especially those who have resistant to drug chlamydia. Using the supplement for a period of time constantly surely gives relief.

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  1. Not all antibiotics can be used to cure Chlamydia such as penicillin. So if you plan to buy your Chlamydia treatment medicine online be sure it's from a reputable company, and make sure it's an antibiotic that will actually cure Chlamydia.

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  3. Under ordinary conditions, dating is a challenge. For people with genital herpes, it becomes a lot more difficult. Psychological problems, including humiliation, worry about propagating the virus may keep individuals from reaching out, and anxiety about rejection. They might possess a lowered self esteem and withdrawal from dating totally. Chlamydia support groups are for finding companionship on excellent Chlamydia forums.


  4. People are getting infected more and more with Chlamydia disease. It is a most dangerous disease of sexual intercourse. There are millions of new cases every year in the United States. Medical experts have found many different ways to check the Chlamydia disease. One has to get tested for Chlamydia because the result of being infected with this disease can be very risky.

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