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Staphylococcus (please read through to see how honey and aloe vera could work against staphylococcus)

Staphylococcus which sometimes is pronounced ‘’staph’’ is a group of bacteria numbering over 30 that infect the human body, causing some types of discomfort, symptoms and if care is not taken, may lead to other forms of dangerous diseases. These diseases arise only when the staphylococcus has been in the body for quiet sometimes untreated or has become resistant to commonly used anti bacteria.

The most common staphylococcus bacteria specie that infect human is known as the Staphylococcus aureus.
Staphylococcus is a stubborn disease because it is now resisting most common and non-common anti-bacterial medicines or drugs. People are now seeking alternative medicines to cure and treat the diseases before it goes out of hand.

An untreated staphylococcus infection can on the long run cause varieties of disease as earlier mentioned. Diseases like: heart disease, leukaemia, lung disease and cancer.

Risk factors:

  • -          When there are any kinds of trauma to the skin such as injury, bites, cuts and burns. This could easily cause infection.
  • -          Skin to skin contact with person who is infected, such as kissing and hugging. This also is most common to those who are in sports like wrestling, boxing, football and other forms of sports that involves body contact.
  • -          Unprotected sex: Person who has a sexual relationship with a person who is infected will directly have the disease flow into his/her blood stream.
  • -          Overcrowded and dirty environment
  • -          Sharing of personal items such as towels and cloths with anyone you are not certain of.

Signs and Symptoms of staphylococcus include:

  • -          Cellulite: this is the inflammation of the connective tissues under the skin, which eventually leads to redness and swelling of the affected area
  • -          The infected area has signs such as a swollen fluid with pus, at which is at times reddish and painful.
  • -          Hitching of the infected area
  • -          Infected skin area becomes pale and tender and may easily fall off or bruised if it comes in contact with anything. Pains usually follow when such occur.
  • -          Diarrhea
  • -          Lung abscess
  • -          Wound infection
  • -          Nausea
  • -          Headache
  • -          Confusion
  • -          Agitation
Like I said earlier, if staphylococcus is not treated properly, and it enters into the blood stream, it can cause some serious life threatening diseases. Like when it spreads to the bone, it can result in inflammation of the bone which is severe and causes serious pain and discomfort. It can lead to shock if left untreated and eventually death. This is also known as Toxic shock syndrome, which the symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches, low blood pressure.

Preventive measures against staphylococcus

  • -          Clean your hand frequently: if you are a kind of person that comes in contact by shaking lots of people, clean your hands always. Or you use the public toilet or anything common to the public; do not take that hand to your mouth. Make sure you wash them. Studies found that there are more bacteria on the button of an elevator than the handle of your own private toilet. Make sure your kids take their baths as soon as they come back from school.
  • -          Do not share your personal belongings like cloths, towels, drawers, tooth brush, combs, and handkerchief etc. If you give or lend someone your personal stuff, it is best not to take it back, or if it is so precious, wash or clean them with a proper anti bacteria soap or cleaner.
  • -          Use creams that are anti-bacteria in nature. And most of the time carry hand sanitizer along with you
  • -          Do not have sexual intercourse with persons you do not know of their sexual history without the use of condoms. A condom saves lives, use condoms.
  • -          Above all, good personal hygiene is very important.

Treatment of staphylococcus: treating staphylococcus is with the use of anti-bacteria. However, the disease is now proving stubborn and resisting so many anti bacteria drugs and doctors are now referring alternatives medicines for uses as treatment of this infectious disease. These alternative medicines are natural medicines such as aloe vera, honey, and other forms of herbs.

In fact, I know of a man who was diagnosed of the infectious disease 3 years back and he has gone to lots of specialist hospitals and he claimed to have spent close to $6000. Because he was fed up, he was introduced to using alternative natural medicines. They work fine for him and his condition improves after all.

Honey and Staphylococcus:

The fact is that, honey is a good anti-bacteria and good for the treatment of staphylococcus. According to research, the bacterial properties contained in high quality honey are effective against staphylococcus. The properties in honey have also been found to be superior to commonly used antimicrobials. Other findings have also proved that taken honey frequently have been proven to work against the disease and helps in quick healing of wounds. 

Aloe Vera (Barbadensis miller specie) and Staphylococcus: findings have found out that, aloe vera inhibits the growth of staphylococcus but thus not naturally kill it. But it can help to stimulate the immune system to fight the disease itself.

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Please, check on with your doctor to give you advice. If you have any of the symptoms above, it is best you see you doctor.

Let me share you a testimony of someone who suffered from staphylococcus and after several use of anti-bacteria and no results decided to use natural medicines such as aloe vera, and honey.

Darwin: ‘’I started having some sicknesses and some symptoms and signs closely related to HIV aids, so I did three tests in separate places just to be sure, but all the results were negative. Later, my doctor told me to go for other series of test, and my blood was collected and cultured and I was told I had staphylococcus. All medicines I used did work for a while only for the disease to resurface again. It got to a stage that the disease did not show any signs of responding to my treatment. No until I was introduced to natural means of getting the disease cleared. I was told about aloe vera and honey. After taking the 2 combinations for a while I began to feel a lot of relief. The most thing is that, I never had any side effects. Although, I am still using the combinations, and I am most optimistic I will feel lot more better. I never thought I can feel better after all the many years of dying symptoms and discomfort. I will advise any person suffering from staphylococcus and not seeing relive should seek natural ways of curing the disease. Such as use of aloe vera and honey.  

In conclusion, prevention is better than cure. Personal hygiene is important as well as taking care on those we come in contact with. Even if you work as a nurse for an infected person, you must be cautious and very careful so that you do not get infected on the long run.
Play safe and never sleep with a person you know not of the sexual history. Meaning, do not sleep with a person you do not know how many sexual relationships such person have had before. If you have to, use protection, but even though, protections (condoms) do not protect you 100%, best keep to a one partner or abstain.
Staphylococcus is not a disease you can joke with, more so, that it is becoming more resistant to common anti-bacteria medicine these days. 

Stay safe and spread the information.



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  2. What happens to the sugar in honey since staph bacteria likes sugar which makes them spread quickly over a short period of time?