HIV | HIV and the use of Aloe Vera as an alternative

Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV and the use of Aloe Vera as a natural alternative.
What is HIV?
HIV is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that affects both the male and female through unprotected sex and some other rare instance. HIV is mostly commonly acquired through sexual intercourse.
According to research, over 3 million people in Nigeria are infected with HIV virus, in south Africa, over 5 million people are positive to the hive virus, making it the highest cases of HIV positive people in the world. USA have over 1 million people tested positive to the HIV virus.
Over the years, researches have been going on to develop a possible lasting cure to the HIV virus, but unfortunately, non-have been found, and only people with who tested positive to the virus are giving anti-retroviral medicines or alternatives to slow down the disease from progressing to a condition where the whole body immune system and functions will be paralyzed.
The only treatment option available must be administered within 72 hours of suspecting exposure to the virus and this is quite expensive as the drug alone has to be taken consecutively for 28 days. However, there is no 100 per cent guarantee that such may remove the virus at its early stage of being exposed.
HIV is the virus that causes AIDs (acquired immunodeficiency virus).
HIV virus is asymptomatic, meaning, after being exposed to the virus, symptoms may not show up clearly as only a blood test can ascertain if the person is positive to the virus.
Stages of HIV:
The HIV virus before blowing into full Aids is categorized into 3 stages, which are:
i.                     Primary HIV stage: this is the stage of being infected with the disease and symptoms may show up 3 weeks after being infected. However, these symptoms may be related to some other diseases, but only a blood test can show a person testing positive to the virus. But the following are common symptoms experienced after being exposed by some people.
a.       Night sweats
b.      Low body temperature which reoccurs frequently
c.       Weight loss
d.      High fever which does not go away and is more than abnormal
e.      Skin rashes
f.        Skin discoloration, mostly purplish on white skins and on dark skin, the area is darker than normal.
g.       Cysts in the tongue
h.      Fatigue and feel of tiredness
i.         Muscle spasm
Some of these symptoms above will usually go away without no treatment over a period of time within some few weeks. If you have the above symptoms, after you  had unprotected sex with someone, then, blood test will show that you have tested positive or not. But however, testing positive to HIV can only be shown on the result after 3 months of being exposed
ii.                   Secondary stage: here, the infection may stay up in the body over a period of time which could be up to ten years without showing any symptoms at all. If no antiretroviral medicines are used or if such person does not discover that he/she are HIV positive, then the disease will advance into the tertiary stage.
-          Tertiary stage of HIV infection: here is when the HIV is fully blown into AIDs and no antiretroviral medicine can reverse it again and death may occur. In this case, opportunistic infections are the order of the day as they would take opportunity of destroying the body due to the fact that the body immune system is no longer strong. Examples of opportunistic infections include Chronic Kidney Disease, cancer, leukaemia, tuberculosis, skin cancer, liver disease, inflammation of the bladder, brain disorder, typhoid, malaria, peptic ulcer, chlamydia and gonorrhea will become harder to treat.
a.       Symptoms of AIDs are :
1.       Severe weight loss
2.       Severe skin discoloration and damage
3.       Severe weakness and fatigue
4.       Severe night sweats
5.       Easily plagued by any type of disease
6.       Recurrent disease
7.       Severe hair loss
8.       Memory loss
9.       Nervous system will begin to shut down
10.   Lack of mobility
11.   And eventually death.
How is HIV transmitted and prevented?
a.       Through unprotected sexual intercourse, and having multiple partners without protection can increase one chance of having the disease. Using protection does not guarantee 100 per cent, but it sure help. Being faithful to one’s partner also help and abstinence from sex.
b.      Unsterilized products used in clinics, barber shops and lady hair salons.
c.       Illicit drug users who love sharing unsterilized needles
d.      Can be passed from mother to child, here medical advice and monitoring is needed to prevent mother to child infection
e.      Sharing personal belongings, like cloths, plates and spoons, shoes, does not make a person to transfer the disease.

How is HIV diagnosed?
HIV is simply diagnosed after 3 months of being exposed to the disease. Here, anti-bodies are discovered, and this will tell if the person is positive or not.  Erly HIV detection is possible so that people can start to stop the mutation of the virus in AIDs.
HIV and the Aloe vera
Researchers have found out that true aloe vera (barbadensis milla specie), have the power to stop the mutation of HIV into full blown aids. Apart, it stimulated the immune system and also helps to build new cells. When the immune system is strong, it can fight the virus itself, and scientists believe that aloe vera use may cure the disease if used consistently over a long period of time. Not just ordinary, but quality aloe vera juice product.
And aloe vera is also used along with other anti-retroviral drugs to ease the side effects that antiretroviral drugs cause to the body. Drinking aloe vera plus your doctor’s prescription medicine is very important.
I know of a nurse who prescribe aloe vera drink for her patient every month and she found out that most of their conditions improved drastically. Some whose immune system were breaking down and anti-retroviral drugs could no longer help where given aloe vera high quality drink, and it the results where outstanding.
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