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Insomnia and natural ways to improve your sleeping condition

Having a good sleep every other night, goes a long way in our bodily health and mental health. A person, who doesn’t have a good sleep, would notice that when he or she wakes up, she feels a little bit weak, may not think strait, may have problems with calculations and sometimes may feel depressed.
Normally, a good sleep should not be more than 6-8 hours and that alone should get you refreshed and keep you moving for the day. Anything less than that will definitely not make you feels 100 per cent perfect.

What is insomnia?
Insomnia is a sleep disorder, in which a person may not be able to get enough sleep due to a reason, or may even have difficulty in falling and staying asleep, and may also have the feel of tiredness upon waking.
According to studies, almost anybody will experience insomnia in one point of their lives, and insomnia is much prevalent as people get older, and can also be more induced due to environmental factors, psychological factors or medical factors.

Types of insomnia:
1.       Primary insomnia: this is the kind of insomnia which is not health, psychological or environmental related. It is quite simple and goes away on its own. It is mostly short.
2.       Secondary insomnia: this insomnia is caused by certain diseases or conditions and could mean that it is health, environment and psychologically related.  Examples of diseases and conditions that can cause insomnia include depression, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, chronic kidney disease, STDs, arthritis. Etc
Categories of Insomnia:
1.       Short term insomnia also known as acute insomnia, this simpler and is more common and does not last for more than a few nights. And acute insomnia is much more caused by fatigue, or sometimes taking of caffeine drinks life coffee which can give you a short period of insomnia. It will go away just in a short period of time.
2.       Chronic insomnia: this is when sleep disorder occurs frequently and last more than a month.  And it will always going on like that, here, medical help is needed or advice. Chronic insomnia can be caused by stress, anxiety and depression, some diseases which may cause pain and discomfort.

General causes of insomnia:
-          Loss of loved ones
-          Lack of financial security
-          Heart breaks
-          Unemployment
The above mentioned can ultimately lead to depression, and depression can really cause insomnia. But depression is also a cause of insomnia.
-          Some diseases like brain disease (Alzheimer’s disease)
-          Some medicines
-          Overcrowded environment
-          Noisy environment
-          Heat or cold temperatures
-          Stress

Symptoms of insomnia:
-          Waking up during hours of sleep
-          Fatigue
-          Sleepiness during day time
-          Inability to concentrate and loss of memory
-          Weakness, especially early in the morning after waking up

For diagnosis, your doctor asks you about the symptoms above, in which your doctor may evaluate you through physical extermination, medical history and sleep history.

Natural Treatment / Cures for Chronic insomnia with Aloe Vera
Acute insomnia does not need any treatment, but will go on its own normally. But chronic insomnia needs to be treated medically through therapy or the use of natural plant like aloe vera. Aloe vera uses have been known to calm the nerves down and relax the mind, which ultimately will induce sleep without causing any side effects and let you to relax properly if used consistently
Asides that, in case of medical causes of insomnia by diseases, like cancer, diabetes, brain disease, aloe vera has the ability to improve the conditions of these diseases. For example, aloe vera has been proven to slow down blood sugar level by 43% in diabetic patients, aloe vera used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, radiation therapy, ), will reduce ithe side effects of (insomnia is part of side effects experienced) these medical treatment on the body quickly accelerate the healing process of the body system.
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