Hapatitis D Virus(HDV) or Delta Agent

Hepatitis D Virus or Delta Agent.
The hepatitis D virus can only occur if a person have hepatitis b virus. In other words, it cannot just occur on it own but only with the presence of Hepatitis B infection.
Over 14 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis B virus and symptoms do largely never occur not until the infection has started liver damages and also occur in about 5% of those who have hepatitis b virus.
All other symptoms and signs, risk factors, causes, how it is transmitted are just as the same as hepatitis b, but just that they are all aggravated when hepatitis D virus occurs. See more on Hepatitis B to give you comprehensive outlook on the virus.

How is Hepatitis D diagnosed?

-          Through carrying out of test on the body to see antidelta agent antibody.
-          Liver biopsy and blood test.
How Honey can help to reduce the risk of hepatitis D
Since, honey is great in treating hepatitis B, therefore, it can help to prevent hepatitis d from occurring since the virus only depend on hepatitis b. read more extensively on Hepatitis B and How honey can help to treat the virus.
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