Hepatitis A | Treating Hepatitis A with Honey, the natural way.

Hepatitis a (Natural treatment with Honey)
What is hepatitis A?
Hepatitis a is a type of infection which is virus is nature and mostly affects the liver causing discomfort and uneasiness. Hepatitis also means inflammation of the liver which is characterized by swelling, and pain in the liver area. Swelling will cause blockage of veins and cells in the liver and this will not let the liver perform its functions properly. See Liver disease.
In the USA, there is over 32000 new cases of hepatitis a virus and millions of dollars a being spent on the treatment of Hepatitis A every year.

How is hepatitis A transferred?
Hepatitis A can infect other people when they use things that other infected people use. In most cases, the infection is transferred when the water or food is contaminated. This is most common in developing countries and villages who do not have access to good water; else they have to search for their own water from unknown and unclean sources. These sources are more likely to have been contaminated by which, there is an increased chance of being infected.

Hepatitis can be transferred through sexual intercourse STDs. If you have met someone who is hepatitis type a positive, you have 99.9% chance of being infected. However, you may not know that such person is affected with hepatitis a, so, it is best to use protection or abstain. Gays also have a higher risk of being infected if they do not use condoms.

Hepatitis can be transferred to an uninfected person if such person does not cook his food well or likes eating some raw foods. 

There is also an increase in transferring the disease if people with hepatitis a lives among people without the infection. Such people who are clean can become infected.

Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis A.
-          When you feel tired than normal, it is a symptom.
-          Loss of weight even if you are eating well and not stressing yourself.
-          Pain in the liver area. The liver is located on the downward right side of the belly. So if you feel pain in such area, such is a sign
-          Unexpected fever
-          Muscle cramps
-          Jaundice
-          Loss of appetite
-          The stool becomes lighter brownish in colour.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, then you should see a doctor. Although, Hepatitis type a clears up by itself, but could increase your chances of having other types of hepatitis such as hepatitis type b, c and d. a strong immune system will prevent this infection from happening. Your immune system will clear this infection away if you are positive.

How to avoid hepatitis A:
-          Getting vaccinated and also a new child should also be vaccinated against the infection
-          Use of protection during sex or abstain from sexual intercourse
-          Do not eat food or use water from sources you are not sure of.

How is hepatitis A diagnosed?
Your doctor will know your symptoms and that is why it is necessary to communicate with your doctor and don’t be shy about them. In most cases, blood samples are collected and tested to see in there is any liver infection and if the body is producing antibodies to the hepatitis a infection.

Treatment for hepatitis A with honey (Natural ways to treat hepatitis A with honey)
Hepatitis A treatment
Do not take the information here as a replacement to your doctor’s advice. If you are allergic to bee stings, you don’t need this.

Honey, has been proven to treat hepatitis and chronic hepatitis, because eit increases the liver stock of the glycogen materials through the increase of blood glucose, thus helping the liver to function properly and relieving it from more burdens.

‘’Many patients (put on observation) who have used honey to treat hepatitis have had excellent results and testimonies’’ Dr Fadil al Hassan Shamsi Pasha, a health consultant in King Fahd Hospital and so many other doctors like him have observed how honey works miraculously to treat hepatitis type a disease.
The honey also helps to boost weakened immune system.

In addition, honey does not strain the liver but limits the activities of the virus, regulates enzymes and liver functions.

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