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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that is mostly associated with men.  And it becomes a bigger problem when a man begins to advance in age, diagnosed of diabetes, heart related problems.

What is Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?
Erectile dysfunction is form of condition where a man cannot rich full or lasting erection. It is a problem in which blood flow to the male sexual organs is impaired due to some form of reasons or the other.
For a man to have hardened erection for proper sexual performance, blood must flow into the veins of the penis, without this, such man may have erectile dysfunction.
It could be a case where a man is about having sex, he has reached full erection, but when it is time to have penetrative sex, the penis suddenly comes down.
Normally, for a healthy man that doesn’t have erectile dysfunction, he should be able to have erection that can hold up to satisfy his spouse

It is really a complex cycle for a man to have proper erection because it has to deal with the brain, the heart that pumps blood and the penis. If there is something that is affecting any of this cycle, then such man may not have a full erection and thereby having erectile dysfunction.

The Brain: the brain plays a crucial role when it comes to a man having a proper erection. Because it is the organ that sends signals to the other organs (like the heart) to pump more blood and retain the blood in the penis for some certain degree of time. When something gets wrong, this could make man not to have a proper erection.  Anxiety plays a crucial role in erectile dysfunction. Most young adults who for the first time do want to have sex may be faced with anxiety. If you do not deal with this anxiety properly, you may not have erection that may last you for a good round of sex. And infect, this could lead to impotence if you do not face it squally. It is proper that, to have a proper sex.

The heart also plays a large part because it will be instructed by the brain to pump enough blood into the penis. Now, there are some certain factors that could impair this blood flow to the penis. 1 is if the veins carrying blood to the penis are getting narrowed down due to some foreign material in it like cholesterol. (Most people diagnosed of erectile dysfunction do have a history of heart diseases. So if you have having erectile dysfunction, you should also check to see if you are not having heart diseases or stroke with your doctor.)

The penis is an organ that is full of veins and muscles and its function is to pass out urine, ejaculate and to penetrate into the sexual organ of a woman. If the penis is not hard enough, this might cause premature ejaculation, lack of proper penetration and ultimately, not satisfying your spouse.
You should know that erectile dysfunction is not impotence but can quiet well lead to impotence if it is not treated properly.
Some people do not at all have erections at all and yet they are healthy. This category of people could be having ED due to family history or may be the kind of life style they live.

The following are risk factors of having Erectile Dysfunction(ED).
  • -          Age is a factor. Lots of men lose interest in sex as they grow older. This is because, the parts of the body begins to get weary as they age more.  The kind of strength when you have when you were young cannot be and the rate at which your heart pumps blood will be slower. So older men having a lasting erection will be slower even if they are healthy.
  • -          Hereditary: if you have family history of people having erectile dysfunction, you are most likely to have it. Because it can be genetically passed down to you. The best is that you should start finding measure in which you can prevent erectile dysfunction. And if you already have it, then you must continue reading below because the condition can be reversed.
  • -          Life style: people’s life style is quiet a problem. What do you eat? Do you sleep well? Do you smoke or take alcohol? Eating fatty food and fried foods or mostly junks can make you have erectile dysfunction. These fatty foods are high in cholesterol, and will narrow your veins, this will not help the heart to pump blood well into the veins of the penis.
  • -          Stress: in fact, stress is really a big factor due to our modern life style. We have to meet up at work, meet family and friends needs, societal needs etc. This in all have made us not to have time for ourselves. Stress is a core factor that can make you have erectile dysfunction. Now that you know, you should take time to manage your stress by relaxing and having good sleep
  • -          Anxiety:  to conquer your anxiety, you should ask yourself what is really getting you anxious? If you are able to find an answer to that, I know you have found a solution.-     
  • -          Lack of exercise: lack of exercise can also trigger erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction. Exercise helps the flow and circulation of blood. When you don’t exercise often, it might cause your sexual performance to reduce.
  • -          Diseases: there are some diseases that can trigger erectile dysfunction, malaria, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, prostate cancer, obesity. In fact, it is most common in diabetic and heart disease patients  to have erectile dysfunction
  • -          Drug uses.  There are some medical drugs that can trigger erectile dysfunction in a person Such drugs need to be taken with caution.

Basic steps on how to fix Erectile Dysfunction

  • -           Kegal exercise: kegal exercise is like holding your urine when you urinate. But this is when your bladder is empty and you try it as if you are holding your urination. You try this for 30 to 1 minutes six times a day. The sweetness of this is that, you can try this form of exercise anywhere. Even people will not know that you are doing this
  • -          Exercise frequently: Exercise helps to burn fats that line up in the veins that carry blood to the penis. The obstruction of blood flow to the penis causes you to have a low erection. When this veins are blocked, you may no longer have erections. So exercise every morning to keep your body blood flow
  • -          Eat well. Let your diet be few of oily, sugary and sauced foods. In all, junk foods. Eat more of vegetables, fruits. Don’t take carbonated drinks, but rather, stop by a fruit shop. Also eat fruits that are abundant in vitamin c.
  • -          Think positive. Don’t imagine that you would not have an erecting or you will perform bad on bed with your spouse. Imagine that you are hard and can give it lots more to your spouse. There is a great power in the way we imagine things.
  • -          Take Omega 3 and 9 and Take Maca plant.  the Maca plant(read about Maca plant article here), the legendary sexual plant. It has been used from time past as a plant that boost sexual performance among men and women. Good for improving erectile dysfunction condition because it increases blood flow down to the penis.  

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
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If you Notice any symptoms, please consult your health professional


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