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What is Menopause?
The fact of the matter is, this is a condition where every woman will encounter at a certain point in her life. This Article is to give you information on Menopause, symptoms, prevention, and how you can manage symptoms encountered when one is at the menopausal stage. This kind of condition only affects women.
Menopause can simply be said to be a moment in a woman’s life where her monthly flow of blood (menstruation) ceases. This is when there will be no longer the fertilization of ovarian eggs in the woman; as a result, a woman can never get pregnant again. Menopause occurs in women in their mid-forties and mid-fifties.


Premenopausal is a word used in medical terms to describe the years that leads to the time when the woman is not able to conceive again. This period is when the hormones of the reproductive systems are reducing and no more constant and abundant as to when the woman is fertile. Here, certain effects are seen due to the reduction or withdrawal of hormones in the body system of the woman. These effects include hot flash, night sweats and many more.

Post Menopause:

This is a time in which a woman that is intact does not experience menstruation of menstrual flow constantly in 12 months. This is a period where a woman’s ovaries become inactive. The reason for this 12 months delay is to know certainly that the woman has reached a menopause. If the woman experiences a menstrual flow at the 11th month, she would still be considered to be in the premenopausal stage. A woman is considered infertile if she has passed these 12 months without no menstrual flow. And her chances of conceiving are nearly zero per cent since she doesn’t have her hormones and ovaries functioning properly.
When menopause is occurring, there are changes in hormones which cause menopausal symptoms. These symptoms are sometimes severe and could start suddenly. Symptoms include:
  • -          Irregular menstrual periods. These periods may come ones every 3 months or 5 months and this could eventually stop (not seeing your menopause again).
  • -          Hot flashes: also known as hot flushes. They come on rapidly and they occur mostly in the 1st and 2nd years. Types are standard hot flashes and slow ember hot flashes.
  • -          Do you feel a race like heart pounding? Or your heart pounds like you ran an 100 km race
  • -          Night sweats. This is most common as this mostly occur during the night around 11am or thereabout. These occur when you are deep in sleep and you suddenly wake up during the night to see your cloth is wet all over.
  • -          Skin flushes: or redness of the skin area especially on the face, chest area.
  • -          Insomnia: insomnia is the in ability to sleep at stipulated times. Most people use drugs like vailium and lexothan to induce sleep. These drugs could be dangerous to the health
  • -          Low libido: this is because your sex hormones that turns you on are reduced and not as concentrated as when you were very fertile
  • -          Memory loss: this is not so common but it happens in some women
  • -          Depression (Yet to write an article on depression. But I will)
  • -          Anxiety
  • -          Vaginal infections such as fungus and bacteria
  • -          Arthritis and osteoporosis are common with hormonal changes: osteoporosis is when the bone lacks calcium. Bone density reduces. Read osteoporosis and Arthritis
  • -          Dizziness and the feel of drowsiness.
It is best to check up with your health professionals to carry out estrogen test and bone density. Best is to explain your symptoms to him/her and how bad you feel. This will enable your health professional to know what he should do. In all, provide your health professional with all the information he needs.

Treatment of menopause could be based on how severe your symptoms are. However, the most common form of treatment is Hormone replacement therapy. But at times, hormones replacement therapy could be dangerous. Best is to meet with your health professional.
Studies have shown that Hormone replacement could bring big risk of order form of unfriendly body conditions such as breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and sometimes damage brain cells. Hormone replacement therapy is sometimes good for women who are just entering into menopause and unlikely good for women who have been into menopause for many years.  And if the medicine should be taken, it should not be anything more than 5 years.

How to reduce the symptoms associated with menopause:
  • -          It is best for you to avoid anything that has caffeine.
  • -          Take lots of calcium rich food with vitamin d. you know bone density reduces as you have reached menopausal stage. 
  • -          Exercise is good for you to keep blood flow proper all over the body system.
  • -          Exercise your virginal wall muscles by doing kegal exercise. You can do kegal exercise at anywhere you are. Very convenient to do if you practice it with time.
Simple steps to preventing menopause:
  • -          Eat food that is low in fat.  Eat lots of fish (sardines, finfish, and titus fish) and vegetables. Sea foods are good. Do not fry them, but boil them or roast them. If you don’t like the boiling aspect. Add fresh onions and fresh tomatoes to taste good.
  • -          Avoid smoking. It can cause you to quickly have menopause
  • -          Exercise frequently
  • -          Sleep at proper time
  • -          Take aloe vera drink
  • -          Free your mind and don’t think about things you know can increase your blood pressure.
  • -          Take food rich in vitamin D and calcium. Foods rich in calcium include cheese sauce, milk, yogurt, fruits, wheat flour, cereals, spinach, turnip greens, soybeans, collards, potatoes, cowpeas. Vitamin D food sources: salmon, tuna fish, margarine, egg(1 a day), cheese, early morning sun exposure.

Supplements for Menopause or alternative treatments (Forever Living Products)

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