ARTHRITIS. Causes Signs and Treatment

What is arthritis?
Arthritis can be defined as the inflammation of one or more bone joint in the body. Inflammation is the swelling of an infected area due to one cause or the other. When inflammation occurs in joint area, it causes discomfort.

This inflammation may not just arise by itself; it is due to the friction of bone joints against each other, due to the wear and tear of the cartilages which serve as lubricators between bones. Cartilages are whitish thin like tissue that can be found in-between joints and when affected and wear and tear occurs, then inflammation will set in. other forms of arthritis can be due to inflammation resulting from the immune system which is over reacting to antigens in the body.

Many types of arthritis have been known to affect human beings and there are over 100 types of arthritis and they range from the ones that affect the joint area to be inflamed and the ones that are caused by over active immune system.

Treatment of arthritis may vary from person to person, that is why it may be sometimes difficult to treat. Special care and attention should be placed on the body when treating a particular type of arthritis. Treatment also can take long time, this is because, it takes the tissues around the affected area long time to degenerate, so also, for it to go back to its previous normal place, it will also take a longer period. Here, you should not be in a hurry, patience and perseverance will get your symptoms relieved.

The most common types of arthritis are the osteoarthritis and the rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects the joint areas casing uneasiness and pains during movement and if care is not taken, it might cause damages and paralysis such that that person may not be able to move that place again. Rheumatoid arthritis is somehow different because it is also known as auto-immune arthritis. What is auto-immune? Auto immune is a situation whereby, your body recognizes itself as an antigen and it will begin to fight against itself.

Statistical facts on arthritis:
Statistically, one in 4 people all over the world may develop arthritis in their lifetime.
According to, in USA, over 50 million adults have been told by a doctor that they have arthritis.
1 in 5 adults have been diagnosed by the doctor of having arthritis
In the near future, there is a projection that young adults, from age 18 years and adults will account for over 65million of cases with arthritis.
1 in 250 children in the USA have arthritis and which means that almost 300 thousand of the United States children below 18 years currently have the disease.
Osteoarthritis which is the most common, has statistically shown to currently have like 27million adults diagnosed of it.
Rheumatoid have like 1.5 million adults
Other forms of arthritis such as gout and fibromyalgia account for over 11 million cases.
Signs and symptoms of arthritis:
i.                     Pain in the joint area which will start with a minimal pain and will start becoming worse over time especially during movement
ii.                   Limited movement or lack of mobility
iii.                  Stiffness of the joint which will impair movement also. This always occur in the morning
iv.                 Swelling around the infected joint area
v.                   The inflamed place becomes reddened
vi.                 Fever which is associated with autoimmune for of arthritis
vii.                Weight loss
viii.              Loss of appetite
ix.                 Autoimmune arthritis can also affect the lungs and kidney which you would feel the symptoms associated with lung and kidney diseases

How is arthritis diagnosed?
Early detection of the disease is very important as it will help prompt treatment and preventing it from degenerating to a more dangerous and severs one.
If your doctor or a rheumatologist wants to diagnose you, first is that he would ask about all the symptoms that you are having and examine the joints and if there is lack of proper movement while moving or there is a type of deformity in the affected area.
Other tests are carried out such as the use of x-ray to see in between joints to know if there are wears in the cartilages surrounding the joints and if the joints have been bruised which might be resulting in pains.
Blood test, urinalyses are also done. This is to know if some of the symptoms you are experiencing are not autoimmune based or not the rheumatoid form of arthritis.
For complete and proper diagnosis to be ascertained for the kind of arthritis that you are experiencing, the doctor might want to observe you by visiting him for 1 or two other times more before placing you on strict treatment. However, on your first visit, the doctor might give you quick pain relievers to ease of your pains.
However, non-early detection of arthritis can increase the chances of damages and disabilities that the reversal may be more expensive. I have encountered a man whose own was not quickly detected, not until he became paralyzed and could not even work again. The solution is that, he has to go on a plastic surgery or a type of surgery to make him walk again which is even more expensive. It cost him not more than $13000. How many people can afford that…?

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