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Melasma | White Teas Extract and Aloe Vera creams as treatment and prevention.
What is Melasma?
Melasma can be defined as a brownish discoloration of the skin which is more common to the face, upper chick, upper lip, forehead and chin. It is much more common among women who are between the age bracket 20 and 50 years old. In pregnant women, it is a condition known as chloasma.
Melasma is related to over exposure to sunlight, constant use of birth control pills, hormonal changes like menopausal experience, and those seen in pregnant women skins. In men, it is not so common and it is rare.
Malesma, can be a symptoms of skin cancer, because of the over exposure to sunlight Ultra violet rays which are highly dangerous and destroys the skin cells over time when being exposed to these UV rays.
Studies have found out that over 5 million women are living with melasma alone in the United states, and while an estimated 45 to 52 million people have the condition world wide. Men also may also melasma, but they account for the lowest of cases worldwide.And approximately, 10 percent of the population of melasma cases world wide.
Types of melasma are categorized into four:
1.       Epidermal melasma
2.       Dermal melasma
3.       Mixed melasma
4.       And melasma found in people who are dark in complexion

 Causes and risk factors of melasma:
i.                     Uses of chemical based skin care products can increase one chances of having the condition. Chemical based creams and skin care products have flooded the market and most of their contents are highly dangerous. Example is petroleum products used in some of our skin care products, they can damage the skin and increase the chance of one having the skin condition.
ii.                   Over exposure to sunlight: sunlight is a good natural entity, but too much of it can likewise be dangerous. Especially when the sun UV rays in now higher because of the holes in the ozone layer cause by over concentration of carbon-monoxide in the air. UV rays are very dangerous, and use of skin protection creams are very important.
iii.                  Family history: people who have members of their family who have had the condition before will most likely also develop it.
iv.                 Use of birth control pills: birth control pills should be used below moderately because of the chance that they can increase one chance of having the condition and because also, birth control pills have the ability of disrupting one's hormone. It has been well known that constant usage of birth control pills increases a woman’s chance of going into menopause early.
v.                   Hormone replacement therapy which is common with those undergoing symptoms associated with menopause may also have the chance if having the skin condition. In-fact, researches have shown that women who take hormone replacement therapy are more likely to have melasma that women who do not take it at all.

Simple ways to prevent melasma:
i.                     Avoid uses f chemical based creams. Instead, why not use organic based cream with a recognized company that have high quality certified products. They are better, than the long term negative effects of chemical based skin care products.
ii.                   Kindly stay away from the sun. over exposure will increase your chances. However, sunlight between 6 and 8am is good for the skin because of the vitamin d effect which is good for the skin.
iii.                  Use of skin protectors like sun shied creams any time you are going out of the sun is very important. Use this every 2 to three hours depending on how you are being exposed to the sun.
iv.                 Moderately use birth control pills. Just talk to your doctor on this
v.                   Hormone replacement therapy may not be meant for every body. Also, discuss this with your doctor.
How is melasma diagnosed?
Melasma is simply diagnosed by noticing the skin colour differences on the most places that can be effected most. It does not require blood test, scan or xray. It is easily diagnosable . but in some cases though, skin biopsy may be used, but which is rare.

Treating malesma with natural organic skin care products:

White tea and aloe vera extract as a treatment option for melasma:
According to Wikipedia, white tea is a natural oxidized tea grown and harvested in china. It is used as an herbal remedy for wide varieties of diseases and conditions. When used as an active ingredient in skin care products, it serves as a skin rejuvenator and allows dead skins to go back to there babyish self back. Melasma is a condition where the skin degenerates due to the effect of the sun overtime and where the cells under the skin will be damaged and causing skin discoloration and ultimately leading to cancer of the skin. White tea will help the skin to rejuvenate back and make it more beautiful and radiant. Apart from that, white tea has a natural whitener which would help to whiten the darken area and make the skin color to be perfectly blend.
Aloe vera also does the same function of white tea extract, and it is very wonderful in also rejuvenating the skin. So a combination of these has been perfected for you as the SONYA ALOE NOURISHING SERUM with whitening (cream), to perfect your skin and let it stay beautiful and youthful again. Removes all melasma and blends up your skin and make it become more attractive and tender.
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