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Infertility (do you know aloe vera is good for infertility? Read through and know how today)

Infertility can be defined has a condition in which a person cannot help to contribute to conceiving. This can be when a woman, under the age of 35 cannot conceive with consistent sexual intercourse for a period of 12 months. Although, women tends become less fertile when they grow older, but there are still chances a woman can conceive if she have consistent unprotected sexual intercourse. 

In United Kingdom alone, 15 per cent of male account for infertile couples while up to 50% of female account for infertile couple. It is known that one in seven couples worldwide have problems of infertility
Being infertile or not be able to conceive can be psychologically rendering, especially when you are growing older, or receiving pressure from family (common in African societies) or seeing your peers who are able to conceive.

In African society for example, infertility is characterized by barrenness and could be associated with other superstitious believes. 

Types of infertility include Primary infertility and secondary infertility.
Primary infertility can be defined as when a woman has never conceived and while Secondary infertility can be defined as when a woman has conceived but could not conceive again after sometimes. Meaning, she cannot have a baby after her first child. (a woman who has miscarriages is also infertile).


Causes of infertility vary from male sex to the female sex.

Male cause factors include:

-          Low sperm count: is a number one case of infertility in men. This is when your sperm are not well much enough to go through the acidity in the virginal wall of a woman. Mostly, because they are not that much, there is high tendency that they will all be killed before any one of them could get a chance to fertilize a woman’s egg.
-          Diseases such as diabetes, prostate enlargement, adrenal disease.
-          Some forms of chromosomal translocation or chromosomal abnormality where there is fusion of two already separated genes.
-          Hypothalamus factors such as high level of prolactin (helps breast development) in the blood, decreased reduction of pituiry hormones( produced under the brain and helps proper fertility)
-          Presence of anti-thyroid anti bodies
-          Some certain environmental factors could play, such has high level of breathing in carbon monoxide (smokers and those near smokers), inhaling of pesticides, near chemical plant industries, ingesting glues or soaps. Studies have shown that those that work in tire factories could well become infertile.
-          Sitting on a position for a long time: your testes needs free air flow, and when this air flow is impaired, it affects the proper production of semen in the testes
-          Some types of viral infection can cause infertility in male

Female cause factors include:

  • -          Lack of immaturity of the ovaries
  • -          Damage to the fallopian tube which could be cause by some diseases like, pelvic inflammatory disease, surgery and ectopic pregnancy.
  • -          Underweight
  • -          Problems or causes associated with age
  • -          Having ovulation problems that could be triggered by  hormonal changes, your diet, and lack of exercise. If you skip your periods, could be a sign you have ovulation problems
  • -          Uttering problems which could be caused by use of some birth control pills, thyroid problems, fibroids, polyps. You could have symptoms such as bleeding which usually occurs between when you are having sex or after sex.
Though, a man or a woman could have gone through test to ascertain if they are infertile or not. The result could be that they are both fertile and this is unexplainable in the medical world because there is no associated cause to it. All problems are mostly on possibilities, but not proven. However, it is important to have the right set of mind if truly you want to overcome the problem of barrenness or infertility. Positive thinking and attitude alone will help you achieve your dreams of conceiving.

Treating infertility with Aloe Vera.
I have heard quiet lots of stories about people who used consistently pure aloe vera gel or juice and they conceived. The good news in that it has been scientifically proven, and such proves also where supported by people’s testimonies that used aloe vera to treat their infertility problems.
Aloe vera is a power house of nature, and I cannot dispute such stories. Because I have had such stories from someone close to me who I evidently see conceived after the use of aloe vera. They are human being like you and surely aloe vera would work on you too. Aloe vera is adapt genic, so it will definitely adapt to your body and cause you no harm. What is stopping you from using Aloe vera now?
The forever living aloe vera is one of the best quality aloe vera drinks in town. Certified by The Islamic Seal of Approval, International aloe Science, and Kosher rating as one of the best aloe vera drink. It has over 200 nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids required for you to be fertile. Highly recommend for you. Why wait for tomorrow? Start ordering your own today!!! My Distributor id is 234001278666
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Meanwhile, I read this article online and I love you to read it also ‘’Aloe Vera acts as a radiation protector and inhibits testicular damage against gamma radiation. This is the opinion of health experts who met at the 18th scientific meeting.’’
According to Prashnanioka Gehlot and PK Goel of radiation and centre for biological Laboratory of Zoology department, University of Rajasthan, they said aloe vera contains properties that enhance fertility. It was tested on laboratory animals exposed to radiations and it was discovered that radiation induced damages were reversed. Extract of pure aloe vera improved the sperm counts in these animals and rectified the damages caused to the tissues around the testes’’.
What are you waiting for?

Testimonies of people who became conceived after using aloe vera
Carmen ‘’my husband and I wanted so much to have a child. We were trying for quit sometime to have a baby, but after two miscarriages, I still failed to become pregnant.
Analyses were good, but, as time passed, nothing happened, so I decided I should help a little my body.
I had a physiotherapist friend who recommended a mixture of plants. This involved to strictly follow a treatment with different plants on different days. I thought then I didn’t have enough patience and strength to carry on, so I didn’t follow her advice.
I should tell you I am a aloe vera distributor so I know by heart all the medicinal uses of aloe vera. It’s my job to inform the customers of benefits of aloe vera, one of which is also to treat infertility.
Although, I have a lot of references from aloe vera for fertility users, I was aware that this was not a 100 per cent solution.
I decided to follow a six months treatment. It was a little expensive for me, but in my case cheaper than my next choice, IVF (in vitro fertilization).
I am a very energetic person with an intense and stressful lifestyle. Still after two months of treatment using aloe vera, my periods became regular and after four months, I finally got pregnant J
This is a happy end story for us and I hope it will also bring hope and strength and hope to other women as well’’.

Jeniffer: ‘’I have been married for 8 years, and I never had one single chance of conceiving. I went to the doctor with my husband, and the doctor said I do not ovulate like I am supposed to. This leaves me and my husband a little confused as we don’t know what else to do.
I suddenly stumble on an article which describes how aloe vera can help to treat fertility. I read it and I digested it. I was a little bit happy and I thought to myself, ‘’finally’’. But I was also sceptical. I was sceptical because I have heard there are lots of aloe vera drink products in the market and most of them lack quality.
I came through a friend who told me about a aloe vera drink from forever living products certified by the quality satisfactory bodies like International aloe science Council, kosher etc. As long as I discovered this aloe vera drink has it, I knew it would be of the best quality. I ordered from their online store. I stated using it for a while consistently.
In a period of 5 months, I became pregnant. I was overwhelmed with joy and I began to cry. Tears of joy all ran down my chicks and my husband could not help it also but to cry.
I’m now pregnant with my second child.
I believe every woman or man who is infertile should start using aloe vera. Especially if it has proven quality. I would recommend forever living aloe vera for any woman I meet that is infertile and they have had tremendous results.
I thank God for Forever Living Aloe vera.

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Information provided here should not solely be in replacement to your health professional advice.



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  5. It is very important to have and maintain balanced lifestyle as far as possible. Seek medical help if you see and feel any symptoms.

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