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Skin cancer
Skin cancer can be defined has the changes in appearances of the outer skin. These changes could be in the form of skin discolouration, unexplainable sore and some other growths which will not go down or heal.

Normally, when there are certain sore or growths on the skin, it should disappear by itself, but if it doesn’t, even after application of some medicated cream (suspecting infection), then it is a chance that skin cancer might be present. Some people, who use medicated creams, do see that such creams do worsen the case of such sore or growth on their skins.

According to research, there are over 1 million different cases of skin cancer in the United States alone and almost half of the population of the United States who are 65 years and above will most likely have skin cancer.
The fact is that, skin cancer is more common with people with lighter skin.

Types of skin cancer
Skin cancer is a name of three different kinds of cancer that affects the skin: in other words, the name ‘’skin cancer’’ houses three different kinds of cancers affecting the skin and I shall list and explain them in order; from the little to the most severe. 

They are the Basal Cell Carcinoma Epithelioma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Actinic Keratosis and Melanoma which is more dangerous or severe than the previous two mentioned.

1.     Basal Cell Carcinoma Epithelioma:  this cancer only affects a part or areas of the body by evading or affecting the surrounding tissues. Also known to be is one of the most common forms of skin cancer disease that affects human which also accounts for over 80-90 per cent of cancer in the United States alone. The risk factors here includes: 

-          Exposure to Sun: sunlight plays a significant good role on our skin at the same time bad role. In biology, we were made to understand that, early morning sun is very good for the body because it is a good source of vitamin d. the body should only be exposed to the sunlight before 8am. But anything after this is very dangerous to the skin. Minimise your exposure to sun or use sunscreen if available. Remember that prevention is better than cure. 
-          Exposure to ultraviolet radiations:
-          Age: age is quite a factor in so many diseases and condition. The fact is, the more you grow older, the more you will likely have skin cancer. This is because, sun damages the skin from the early age and then piles up till you gets older and it will start manifesting. Best is to prevent the disease from childhood
-          Treatments used in cancer diseases: such as chemotherapy, and radiation therapy
-          There are some creams which I call chemical based creams that can cause skin cancer because of their effect on the skin. These creams or body lotions are made with chemicals, petroleum, sulphate, zinc, aluminium,  Ethoxylates and dioxone (increases chances of skin cancer, Nitrosamine(a highly poisonous substances found in the make ups and cosmetics and causes risk of cancer), artificial fragrances(found in most skin care and personal care products).


-          Reduce your exposure to sun. If you know you are the type that cannot do without being exposed to the sun, then it is best to use sun-screens to protect your body. Sunscreen should be applied every 2 to 3 hours especially if you engaged in activities that have made you to sweat or swim.
-          Use of organic creams not chemical based creams. Best is to use organic creams certified by recognised bodies not just one organic cream that would lie that it has 100 per cent organic this or that.

2.     Squamous cell carcinoma: the squamous cells are cells found in tissue that forms the surface of the skin. Here, cancer begins in the cells and they damage the skin. It occurs roughly less than Basel cell carcinomas. The most common form of squamous cell cancer is known as the solar keratosis or actinic keratosis
Symptoms include rough and red bumps on the scalp hands and back, soreness and tenderness. A solar keratosis not given proper treatment or ignored might become invasive form of cancer. Invasive as in, it will start affecting other cells and causing more damages to the body to a point which might lead to death. This is unlike the Basel cell carcinomas which only affect one area of the skin.
This form of cancer affects more men than women.
Other types or forms of squamous cells include actinic cheilitis (affects the lower lips), Bowen’s disease (affects the trunk), Bowenoid Papulolosis (genitals warts).
 Diagnosis of this cancer is through punch biopsy: involves punching out the small piece of skin using a circular punch type of blade.

Risk factors: 

-          Continuous exposure to the sun
-          Exposure to hydrocarbons
-          Continuous exposure to heat
-          Continuous exposure to x-rays
-          Age
-          Use of alcohols based and chemical based personal and skin care products


-          Also as same as the Basel cell carcinomas
-          And use of umbrella, cap or wide hat to cover your head when going out in the sun

Treatments include:

-          Curettage desiccation
-          Surgical excision
-          Radiation therapy
-          Cryosurgery
-          Medical therapeutic  use of cream

3.     Melanoma skin cancer:

This is the most dangerous form of skin cancer disease that affects the human skin. This is rare, but is also the one kills more people than the previous skin cancers earlier discussed.  Earlier detection is very important in treating this cancer, because, if it reaches its advances stage, it will become irreversible and therefor death.
A person who’s Melanoma has reached an advanced stage is commonly seen with skin deformation and pure ugliness which is characterized by over 100 moles (big and small) all over the body. Right from the scalp, to the faces, to the neck, hands, body, genital, legs etc.
Moles is sometimes part of our body and they are mostly few less than 30 and very tiny and not easy to spot. But, when they are becoming bigger and you notice they hitches you, crusting, changes in size and colour, bleeding, then you should book an appointment immediately with your doctor.
Melanomas cancers are mostly commonly invasive (meaning, they affects other parts of the body).

Types of Melanoma include:

1.       Superficial Spreading Melanoma: most common and account for 70% of all cases and often affects mostly young people. Signs include a flat appearance discoloured patch with irregular border. With various colour types ranging from black, white, blue, brown. Appears on the trunk of a man, legs of women and lower back of both sexes.
2.       Lentigo Maligna: has close resemblance to the Superficial, but mostly found in the elderly like the ears, arms, upper trunk. It is most common in Hawaii.
3.       Acral lentiginous Melanoma: mostly appears with discolorations under the nails or the souls of the feet and it is often common with darked skinned people, mostly African American and of Asian origins.
4.       Nodular Melanoma: it rare and accounts between 5and 15 % of cases diagnosed by phicisians. Mostly balck and occationally could be blue, gray, white, brown or red.

Causes and Risk factors:

-          Sun exposure
-          Moles becoming more on the skin
-          Skin type
-          Family history
-          And weaken immune system.
If you see any of these symptoms, please, see your physician at once!


-          Do not stay in the sun for so long. Best if you have to go out in the sun, take an umbrella to shade away yourself from the sun
-          Do not use tanning or Ultra-violet tanning booths
-          Use sunscreens with and sbf of 15 to 30. Apply it almost every 2 to three hours every day if you have to go out in the sun
-          Go for occasional check-ups to examine your skin. If you notice any changes, see your physician at once!

Aloe Vera and aloe vera based products for your skin cancer (prevention and treatment of skin cancer)
Aloe vera is very important in our daily lives and especially that it can be used to treat and prevent skin cancer related disease. Except if it has reached its advanced stage that you would have to undergo a proper medical extermination and treatment. But, even if you are undergoing some anti-cancer treatments, you still need the use of aloe vera.
In the case of radiation therapy, cryosurgery and other cancer therapy, there effects and discomforts are very severe on their patients and sometime, could lead to, reduced immune system and some other anti-body conditions.
Aloe vera has been proven by researchers to work well with cancer treatments and would help the body to absorb these treatments very well and also give relieve to patients who do not like the uneasiness associated with it. Why not start using your aloe vera today?
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In conclusion, every disease is preventable as long as we have a good life style and obey to the right information we read or hear. Skin cancer is a very dangerous disease, best is to prevent it from happening to you or anybody you love. Let us take care of ourselves. Because, health is wealth!

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