Heart Disease | Coronary Heart Disease | How to prevent Heart Disease

What is Heart Disease?

Before I begin writing about the topic above, I want you to do me one simple thing. Just imagine a pipe carrying water to a community, and it got blocked and got busted, what do you think will happen to such community? Well, the answer is left for you to ponder on. 

Heart disease is a common disease, and it is affecting a whole lot of people from different background. In fact, it doesn’t have respect whether you are poor or you are rich. Or maybe your neighborhood is special. Or probably think none of your ancestors or family has ever been diagnosed with heart diseases, and you think you cannot have it? Everybody wants a solution, but the first solution to any problem is to know about it. If you don’t, you will be like a car without a destination. Clueless is the word.

What is Heart Disease?  Heart disease is a form of disease which the veins carrying blood to the heart get narrow and eventually get blocked, causing the vein to rupture. Thereby, causing a heart failure or a heart attack. But this failure would not just occur, but it is due to some certain factors.

Now, that is why I gave you a little imaginative story at first so that you will get to know how heart disease is serious. It is neither a joke nor a child’s play. It is the number one killer diseases in the whole entire world. And It affects the elderly mostly, but the young are also not left out.

The most common form of heart disease or causes of heart disease is Coronary heart disease. This is dues to the narrowing and blockage of the coronary artery which carries fresh and oxygenated blood to the heart. When this fresh blood flow is affected, you begin to have symptoms and if you do not treat it in time, you might have and heart attack.

Other forms of heart disease is Ischemic heart disease: it is usually triggered due to coronary artery disease.
There is a core factor that can make you to have a heart disease. But yes, quiet alright, there are other factors. Which I shall gladly discuss here for you:

The main cause: Which is Cholesterol: cholesterol is a waxy looking kind of substance which our body naturally produces. It helps the proper absorption of vitamin D, supports cell walls. When this cholesterol is many in the body system, it blocks up the artery carrying blood and this eventually causes heart attack.
Now what are the things can increase cholesterol in the body?

-          They are fatty foods like meat with lots of fat, eating fried meats. In fact, I know of a family that cannot do without eating fried meat or food. Fatty foods are just not good for you.

-          Eating junk foods: Are you the type that you take junk foods such as the food made from the restaurants, you are at risk of having your arteries blocked because this types of food are high in cholesterols.

-          Do you like carbonated drinks? You don’t love your life! Instead of taking carbonated drinks, why not buy a fruit juice extractor? Go to your best fruit shop and make your own fresh fruit drink all by yourself. Refrigerate it and feel good. Carbonated drinks do help to build up cholesterols in the body
High cholesterol in the body is very dangerous and you must seek ways to reduce it by changing your life style and diet.

Are you at risk of having heart diseases (or other risk factors of heart disease)?

  • -          Family history (also known as genetic heart disease): if you know that you have any family member or late family member who has it or having it, I think you must begin to put preventing measure in place. Prevention is better than cure. I don’t need to tell you that?
  • -          Are you overweight or you have obesity? Obesity is a disease that opens gateways to so many other types of diseases. In fact, if you have obesity, u are more at risk of having heart disease because of the high concentration of fat in your body. And if as the result of being overweight you find yourself breathing heavy while you just doing a little bit of work, I think it’s time you start speaking to yourself about your weight. Obesity and heart disease are like father and son.
  • -          Are you a smoker? I still wonder why this tobacco producing companies would put up a disclaimer that ‘’tobacco smokers are liable to die young’’ and yet people are rushing to buy sticks of cigarettes. Taking cigarettes will increase your chances of having heart diseases.
  • -          Are you the lazy type? Maybe a grocery shop is just few meters from your house and all you could do is take your car or a cab to take you there. Well, why not take a walk. Walking is a form of exercise and it is good for your health. Generally, you should exercise at least 3 times in a week.
  • -          Do you like taking junk foods? Food that do not have meanings. Like meat pies, fried chicken, shawama, roasted sausages, harm burger, and whatever you have in those categories. I’m sorry; you should start changing your habits of eating junks foods. Junk foods will only taste good in your mouth, but they are poisonous when they get to your stomach.
  • -          Red meats are not good for you especially when you are 40 years +. It is best to take fish and vegetables.

Symptoms of heart disease | Signs of Heart disease:
  • -          Chest pain: you feel a pull or grip or generally having pains in your chest. This is a symptom of heart disease.
  • -          Your left hand side hurts while you walk. Maybe you are taking a 10minutes walk and you begin to feel some pain in the muscles surrounding your left hand. This could also be a symptom
  • -          You easily get tired and with your breaths heavy with just little of work done.
  • -          Irregular heart beat is also a symptom of heart disease
  • -          Do you feel dizzy?  This is another symptom of heart disease
  • -          And at times fainting might occur. This could be a symptom.

How to prevent or cure heart disease
  • -          Exercise frequently
  • -          Eat lots of vegetable
  • -          Do not take red meats
  • -          Do not eat foods that are fatty. Do not take junk foods
  • -          Keep a positive mind.
  • -     Do not take alcohol.
  • -          Drink lots of water
  • -          Take fish oil and vegetable. Some vegetables are rich in omega 9. Also good for the heart
  • -          Take Aloe Vera juice(barbadensis)
  • -          Eat lots of fruits especially fruits rich in vitamin c
  • -          Do not take carbonated drinks.
  • -          Do not take drinks or any food that has caffeine
  • -          Sleep when you need to (see insomnia).

Now, from the list above, I mentioned how Aloe Vera, fish and vegetable oil with fruits rich in vitamin c can help to prevent heart disease or improve the condition. Yes they are, because they are good diet for heart disease and you should also confirm this with your health practitioner.
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Fish oil and vegetable oil are very good. In fact, to treat anything relating to heart diseases, fish oil and vegetable oil are highly recommended by any physician or doctor. They contain natural ingredients that burn up the cholesterol in the artery making your heart to function properly. Fish and vegetable oil are sold as Omega 3 and 9 respectively. BUY Now ! from our secure online store
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