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Diabetes can be defined as the rise of sugar level in the blood stream. This may occur due to taking in too much of sugar or your body can no longer provide enough insulin to convert glucose into urea. Insulin is a hormone in the body produced by the pancreatic organ to regulate glucose in the body.
Diabetes sometimes is called a silent killer. Silent killer as in, you may have symptoms but you may not know that it is diabetes. Unless you go for a blood test to know your blood sugar level, only can you know you are diabetic or not.

Some people have mistaken diabetes symptoms for other forms of common diseases such as Typhoid and Malaria especially in African society where awareness is low. These people would start taking anti-biotic and anti-malaria drugs. If care is not taken, the blood sugar level will rise to a certain stage which may not be reversible.

Diabetes could also lead to some certain form of diseases like kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, could affect your neural paths, Alzheimer disease.
The best treatment is to prevent diabetes if you know you are at risk, and  By checking your blood sugar level at least once in a month.

There are different forms of diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1) and Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational diabetes. 

Type 1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes: this form is a form of diabetes where the body immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin in the human body. Also known as auto immune because the body fights itself. It is most times associated with people below the ages of 40. Type 1 diabetes is usually triggered by life style, environment and some forms of virus and diseases. Life style like taking too much of soft drinks and eating fatty foods and food that are mostly high in carbohydrates. You must follow a balanced diet all the time to achieve this. This is more serious as sufferers would have to inject themselves many times with insulin. This can be frustrating though.

How to prevent type one or Juvenile Diabetes:

  • -          Eat food rich in protein like soy beans, milk.
  • -          Take lots of vegetables
  • -          Avoid processed foods.
  • -          Instead of drinking carbonated drinks, why not buy fresh fruits and fruit maker and make your own drink.
  • -          Take lots of aloe vera juice. Aloe Vera has been known to regulate or reduce blood sugar level.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes may include the following:

  • -          Urge to drink more water when the weather is relatively not dry
  • -          Frequent urination
  • -          You notice that you are losing weight
  • -          Feeling tired easily
  • -          Blurred vision.
  • -          If you also notice after taking something sugary, you feel dizzy, it’s a signal that you should reduce your sugar intake.
Type 2 Diabetes: this is the most common type of diabetes and it affect mostly people who are ages 45 and above. It is also known as adult diabetes. This form of diabetes is insulin resistance and yet, the body is low in insulin.

Risk Factors include:

-          Hereditary or family history: it is possible to have diabetes if any of your family members is leaving with or had died of the disease.
  • -          Obesity: the easiest way to be diabetic is not watching ones weight. Obesity can also lead to different forms of diseases such as heart disease and hypertension.
  • -          Wrong diet: can you imagine feeling your car gas tank with gasoline mixed with diesel and aviation fuel. It’s certainly sure you have destroyed the car engine. Now imagine eating diets not perfect for your stomach. Example like eating cheese burger mixed with fried chicken and meat sausage, and then tops it with a bottle of carbonated drink or alcohol. You are killing yourself!!!
  • -          Abuse of alcohol. It’s best to keep your alcohol intake level in check. At most, two bottles of alcohol should do you once a week if you can do without alcohol. When a bottle, I didn’t mean you should take a 47% alcohol drink, I mean maybe a 5% alcohol drink should do you.
Symptoms include: symptoms of type 2 diabetes may not be noticeable easily. It is best you check your blood sugar level always. But you may experience the following:
  • -          Frequent infection and lack of healing of wounds quickly
  • -          Blurred vision
  • -          Tiredness
  • -          Dizziness
  • -          Frequent urination
  • -          If you urinate and you found out that ants come over there to drink your urine, you need to go for a blood sugar test.
  • -          Sometimes, you may notice your armpit is unusually darker than normal. This might be a sign that your body needs insulin.

How to prevent type 2 diabetes or manage diabetes

  • -          Exercise frequently
  • -          Eat more of vegetables
  • -          Stay away from red meats and fast foods
  • -          Stop drinking carbonated sweet drinks or processed juice drinks.
  • -          Drink alcohol moderately or just stay away from it completely
  • -          Do not smoke
  • -          Take lots of fruit
  • -          Take aloe vera juice always: research has made us to understand that aloe vera has been can reduce blood sugar level by 43%. It’s best you should substitute your carbonated and processed drinks with a daily intake of aloe vera juice if you are really serious about improving your condition.
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM): This is mostly associated with women who are pregnant. In Australia alone, between 5.5 and 8.8% of pregnant women were diagnosed of gestational diabetes.
 Risk factors include hereditary, age, and region. It is more likely that when a pregnant woman is diagnosed of diabetes, her child could develop obesity.
Treatment Factors include self-care and dietary changes and supplements. Best is take lots of fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion, checking your blood sugar level will make you to know if you are diabetic or not or know what you should do if your sugar level is rising. Life style change and other factors can improve your condition if you have been diagnosed of diabetes or if you are at risk of having diabetes. Prevention is better than Cure.

Best is you take Aloe Vera Juice and drink it every day (see my article why you must use aloe vera from cradle to grave). There are so many brands of aloe vera in the market, and I have noticed that cheaper aloe vera juice or drinks have no aloe vera or little in them. However, pregnant women should stay away from drinking aloe vera.

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see your health care professional for advice if you see any symptom

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  1. Diabetes is a widely spread disease among people above 40 years old. If a person has diabetes, healthful lifestyle choices in diet, exercise, and other health habits will help to improve glycemic (blood sugar) control and prevent or minimize complications of diabetes. A proper diet is key to controlling blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes related problemsTaking regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing this incurable disease