Mini meals may not actually help weight loss

A lot of people are so into eating mini meals every other day. Instead of eating the normal three square meals in a day, they decide to opt for eating 6 mini meals at different intervals, thinking it will help in maintaining their weight or ultimately help in reducing their weight.
But new studies have said otherwise, as mini meals have found not to help weigh loss as earlier thought, but can even help in adding to those excess weights.
According to the studies carried out in two universities (University Hospital Coventry, and University of Warwick, both in the United Kingdom), they concluded that eating mini meals have little or not an effective weight loss plan for people who are actually over weight.
One of the experiments carried out was on participants who volunteered. Some of the participants were given the normal three square meals, and the other participants were given 6 mini-meals. The researchers therefore got to study the total number of calories that were burned from the two different sets of participants. It was however found out that they burned the same calories over the course of 24 hours.
Also, blood samples were collected from the participant to measure the levels of Endotoxins in the body. Endotoxins are found in the human body and are produced by some certain bacteria that live inside the body. If it becomes too much, it can trigger inflammation of some tissues, cause diabetes and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It was however observed that participants who are not overweight and eat three square meals have normal Endotoxin levels, and overweight participants who eat mini meals of 5 to 6 have higher Endotoxin levels.
However, the findings so far is still at its early stage and overall generalization cannot be made yet.
In conclusion, more calories means gaining more weight and fewer calories means shedding the excess weight in the body. So, watch the calories you consume per day, with this, you are sure to lose that excess weight with you.

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