Five types of food to avoid at night

Grabbing a wonderful night meal is a very good feeling, most especially when you are trying to catch up with a good sleep or relaxing with the tv on or doing some stuffs on the computer. The feeling is however wonderful, but it may be dangerous for your health if caution is not taken.
So, for you to know what and what you should eat and not eat, the following are the types of food you must avoid for a late night meal.

1.       Oily foods or food that is high in fat should be avoided. Foods in this category should be avoided as they will make you feel weak and slow as you wake up the following morning. Also, it will increase the workload of your stomach during the night, which may eventually not make you have a wonderful sleep. It is better to avoid food such as nuts, iced-creams, and other high fat foods.

2.       Foods high in carbohydrate and sugar (artificial or natural). You may actually have a bit of a sweet drink, but it should be moderate. But taking more sugary things, such as cakes, chocolate, juice will let your whole body to overwork. This is because sugar and carbohydrate will increase your energy level, and you don’t need that when you actually needed to rest. So, avoid break, cookies or other high carbohydrate snacks.

3.       Avoid red meat and other protein food source. Red met will make you not fall asleep quick, but will also make you not to enjoy your sleep. You can take little protein, but make sure it is in moderation
4.       Spicy foods: Spicy, peppery foods may upset your stomach, and not only that, chemicals in spicy food can stimulate your senses, making it hard to fall asleep.

5.       Eating big chunks. Taking big chunks of food at late night can make you susceptible to insomnia. Make sure that you do not stay over 200 calories for your body per night.
Others include avoid alcohol, and if you have to eat late in the night, make sure it is a small portion.

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