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Low sperm count (Men Infertility) (we have some products you might like, please read through)
Low sperm count which is also called oligospermia is a condition in which you do not have enough sperm in your ejaculation. Ejaculation is a process when a man reaches orgasm and a whitish or yellowish white fluid comes out of the male organ. This yellow white fluid is what is known as semen. And inside this semen contains sperms for fertilization of a female egg.

Normally, a healthy man, when he ejaculates, must be able to produce at least 20 million sperm per millimeter of semen. If this is lower, such person is considered to be infertile or has low sperm count. Low sperm count is the number one cause of infertility in men.

When you have a low sperm count, there is a high chance that you may not be able to get a woman pregnant. 

There are so many factors and because that could make a man to experience low sperm count; factors like the one we carelessly cause(life style) or happens to us because of the environment we live in, medical issues or hereditary. 

Unfortunately, there are no underlying symptoms to let you know early that you have or having a low sperm count. You can only know when you have tried but failed to get a woman pregnant for one straight year of unprotected sex. This actually may even get you confused because you might not know if you are the one at fault or your spouse is at fault. So therefor, it is best to check with your doctor or health care provider to make sure you are truly at fault or not.

But if you know you have low sperm count or just want information, then read on.

The following are underlying causes for low sperm count.
  • -          Age: has men grow older; there is the decline in quality sperm production.
  • -          Vitamin deficiency such as vitamin c, selenium, zinc and folate.
  • -          Free radicals in the body are a cause factor of having low sperm count. Free radicals could enter the body through polluted air, eating of fatty and oily food all the time and drinking of sugary thins always.
  • -          Use of insecticides: I watched a health talk on my cable tv on how insecticides can increase the risk of having low sperm count. Yes it can. Best is, if you have to use insecticides in your room, open your windows 20 minutes before you are planning to relax or take a sleep.
  • -          Are you the type that sits down in a place with long hours every day without getting fresh air to your testicles, or you love hot shower all the time, or wearing tight cloths? These could impair normal sperm production.
  • -          Too much of alcohol can have lots of effects on sperm production. It is best you reduce your intake of alcohol.
  • -          Quit smoking now! Do not smoke if you want to improve your sperm quality.
  • -          Are you a drug addict? Cocaine, marihuana, met, heroine, crack. These hard drugs can definitely make you have low sperm count.
  • -          Quick ejaculation and lack of good sex could sometimes impair sperm quality
  • -          Some forms of diseases such as diabetes and celiac disease, cancer such as prostate cancer.
  • -          Family history. Most forms of diseases are hereditary, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart. You name it.
  • -          Hormone imbalance
  • -          Infections like some sexually transmitted diseases can cause the quality of sperm to be low. You have reduced sperm counts if you do not take care of your infection. Best are use condoms if you keep more than one sexual partner. This will not only safe you, but your future partner you would love to marry.
  • -          Decreased testosterone level which in medical terms is called Hypogonadism: the male sex hormone which helps to make sperm. This could be caused by intake of drugs, cancer or a rare disease called Kallman’s syndrome(a faulty gene)
  • -          Ejaculation disorder which includes retrograde ejaculation (semen ejaculated inside the bladder) and premature ejaculation. Do you ejaculate prematurely? Well, don’t worry, its not a big deal, but I know how you feel and you can overcome that.
  • -          Some medicines used in chemotherapy (eg  Platinol or Adrianmycin, agrylin, Leuprolide ect) can cause a low sperm count
Are you at risk?risk factors
  • -          Age
  • -          Bicycling for long hours
  • -          Some people are born with fertility disorder
  • -          Family history
  • -          Do you work at chemical factories? You have a high risk of having low sperm count
  • -          Those who have obesity
  • -          Too much of alcohol and drug intake
  • -          Environmental pollutions
  • -          Use of steroids (anabolic) for body building.
-          chemo  

How to prevent low sperm count:

-          Take lots of water. At least, eight glasses of water a day is good
-          Stay away from alcohol, hard drugs and smoking.
-          Make sure there is fresh air getting to your testicles. If you have to channel your car air condition directly to it, please do. Quality sperm production takes place in cool environment.
-          Eat healthy foods. Just stay away from carbonated food drinks and fatty foods
-          Take lots of fruits. Like oranges.
-          Take lots of fish high in omega three. Like tuner fish, Titus fish

How you can improve your sperm quality with daily intake of Omega 3, Fruits and Vegetables.

Omega 3 and sperm quality: according to a study, which is a new one, a conclusion was driven at that omega 3 is essential for male fertility. According to the finding, we are made to understand that deficiency in omega 3 was linked to low sperm count. A study was carried out on mice by a Doctoral student at university of Illinois at Ubana-Champaign. They found out that the mice with deficiency in omega 3 have low sperm quality (as well as sperm immobility and lack of long sperm tail). But when this mice where given omega 3, they noticed that their sperm quality improved after a while. Omega 3 is also good for healthy heart.
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Fruits and vegetables are also good to improve your sperm quality. Fruits and vegetables taking them daily can help to improve your sperm quality. Asides that, taking fruits and vegetables regularly can make prevent cancer and other cancer forms of diseases (this is according to research).
Free radicals in the body are the causes of most diseases and conditions that we face today. Free radicals damage your immune system; make you look older than your age, make you more susceptible to infections due to the fact that your immune system has been damages by free radicals. Free radicals will also let you have a low sperm count. Free radicals can get in your body in so many ways. The best is you take lots of fruits and vegetables daily to prevent free radicals from damaging your system.

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Please note that, if you see any symptoms, see your doctor or health professional for advice. Only your doctor will give you the right advice.

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