Types of Supplement to avoid no matter what

It’s possible to find high-quality vitamin/mineral supplements at the health food store that use only co-natural vitamins and no synthetics. The problem with supplements based on co-naturals is that they can never be complete.
The will never contain the unknown factors such as vitamin B29, which will not be identified for another hundred years. What co-naturals are useful for is “spiking up” a supplement based on one of the optimum options above. An example would be a “food-based” supplement augmented with co-natural vitamins E and C.

Avoid At All Costs:

Supplements made in whole, or part, from synthetics or elemental nutrients are not an option. At their best, they are only 50 percent as effective as a natural vitamin. At their worst, they actually may carry harmful side effects. Key red flags to look for in ingredient lists are dl-alpha-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, and oyster shell calcium

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