Common cold. Causes, Symptoms and Remedy

Common cold
What is common cold?
The common cold is common and highly contagious illness which is known to be caused by different or over two hundred types of viruses. In medical professional terms, it is known as an infection which affects the upper respiratory tract system. The upper respiratory tract system is comprised of the nose, the nasal cavity, the para-nasal sinuses, the pharynx and the larynx. Because of the over 200 types of viruses that cause common cold, there is the lack of the body to quickly develop resistant to these sets of viruses that causes common cold. Some of the viruses that cause this illness include rhinovirus (which accounts for the large part of common cold illness), Para-influenza virus, adenovirus, coronavirus and many more.
The common cold is much common than any illness, diseases or condition that plagues humans today, in so much that it can occur is a single person nothing less than 6 times or can be more than in a year.  These frequencies has made it to be the highest complaint made to doctors all over the world because its symptoms can side-line you for a period of time which could be between 4 to 2 weeks depending on the individual. In USA alone, common cold has been known to cause a large number of school goers to be absent and with over one billion of reported common cold cases reported annually.
It should be noted that common cold can easily be triggered when you have a weakened immune system; this is the more reason why some people do have colds that can reoccur over 6 times in a year. Common cold do most sometimes seizes the opportunity of your weakened immune system, and it has been known to trigger some other diseases such as malaria in African society mostly in the regions which mosquitoes are much friendlier with such as my country Nigeria and other bacterial infections such as sinusitis can occur.
However, common cold is largely associated with the cold weather and many people have perceived it to be caused by only cold weather conditions and not by viruses. This is because; the viruses are much more active during the cold period than the hot weather periods. The viruses cannot thrive in hot weather conditions, rather, they would thrive more in cold weather conditions. And also, the spread is much common in cold weather conditions because people tend to stay up close together in this period and infections can spread more quickly.
Common cold and influenza should not be mistaken to be the same. Although, they both have the same symptoms , but they just that the symptoms of common cold are less severe than influenza symptoms.

Symptoms of common cold:
i.                     Cough
ii.                   Fatigue
iii.                  Dizziness
iv.                 Runny nose
v.                   Sneezing
vi.                 Fever
vii.                Headache
viii.              Back pains sometimes do occur
ix.                 Loss of appetite
x.                   Loss of weight
xi.                 Insomnia
xii.                Jaundice
xiii.              Sore throat
xiv.              Nasal congestion
xv.               Red eyes and watery eyes
You should note that symptoms above are also synonymous in children also.

How is the common cold transmitted?
i.                     Through direct contact with an infected person
ii.                   Through sharing of things which have been infected.
iii.                  Through air. This is when an infected person sneezes into the air, such people around will also be infected, and symptoms may be seen after 3 to four days of being infected. Such person immune system may fight against the virus also.
You should also know that cold viruses can live in common objects which are shared or used, such as the pencil and biro, books, door handles, towels, keyboards, coffee cups. In fact, researches have made us to know that more viruses thrive on keyboards than even the toilet handles. This is because; our keyboard is more susceptible to different kinds of smaller food particles which helps the thriving of bacteria and viruses.

How is common cold diagnosed?
Common colds will only be diagnosed by your doctor when you tell him the symptoms that you see. X-ray, blood tests and other physical examinations are not necessary only if your cold is as a result of an underlying disease which your health care provider should be able to perceive and order further examinations such as blood test,  x-ray and other test which has to do with the respiratory system.

How to treat common cold. A home remedy for common cold.
Although, no cure for common cold, but it is good to know that there are supplements which you can use to boost your immune system, stop common cold and also improve your symptoms. Example is the use of vitamin c, which is a very powerful anti-oxidant and helps in building the immune system and helps in improving symptoms of common cold. However, there are lots of vitamin c in the market, but the best quality should be purchased which will help in improving your immune system and symptoms of common cold this I recommend below (Absorbent C).
 Vitamin c also helps to cut the possibility of catching common cold, which is much better for athletes and cold weather conditions.
Other product to help to improve your immune system is the use of vegetables which would help to boost your immune system.
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